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Dave and Becca King

Meet Dave and Becca King

Becca and Dave King have loved horses since childhood. Luckily, they have been fortunate to be able to have them in their lives for the past 50 years.

While working as the Head Wrangler at Shiloh Ranch summer camp in Agoura, CA, Dave met cow horse trainer Rob Ferber. Dave would take the camp horses down to hold herd or turn back for Rob.

Impressed by the quality of horses and their athletic ability both on and off a cow, the Snaffle Bit Futurity bug bit Dave. He has carried the dream of breeding and raising a Snaffle Bit Futurity winner ever since.

Dave and Becca both worked as wranglers at the Camp O-Ongo summer camp. Dave spent 10 years riding Mounted Patrol horses for the local police department.

Storibook Farm breeding philosophy

Storibook Farm’s cow horse breeding operation is focused on raising quality horses with good minds, sound conformation and athletic ability. The Kings started their quarter horse breeding program with a race bred quarter mare, Double Bunny Bid. Their foundation mare, Double R Chances, came from Ronnie and Karin Richards. “Chances” offspring have made the show pen in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and British Columbia, Canada.

Storibook Farm’s horses are versatile and gentle. Dave takes SBF Chances Last Cat to Red Bluff each year to help a friend gather cattle off the winter pasture. Dandy’s Hot Socks, “Missy”, is not only a great broodmare but also the go to saddle horse when small children come to our place to “ride a horse”.

Storibook Farm concentrates on producing the best colts possible with a limited broodmare band. The Kings have sold many horses have sold over years which led to many of the owners becoming close friends.


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